Saturday, February 11, 2012


Bogor train station, Bogor, February 11th 2012

Die Brucken #2

Besides public trans, my favorite place to shoot is a crossing bridge, especially the one that rarely been use, just like this one. At some way, it kind of gives you some weird solitary feelings, a weird serene atmosphere in a crowd and hustle traffic.. which is literally, just bellow your feet.

Kapten Muslihat Street, Bogor, February 11th 2012


On the first day I move to Bogor, this building has captivate me instantly. But in six month of my moving period, this is actually the first time I have a chance to shoot it. I'm waiting for the day I can shoot the inside.
I just google the building, and apparently it is on sale. I guess I better be fast..

Muria Plaza, Kapten Muslihat Street, Bogor, February 11th 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Just my niece playing with my camera... And actually resulting a fun contemporary pictures as I've never imagine before!! Yeaah... I guess we all know where she got that crazy attitude towards camera ;P