Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Ethnography of A Hotel Room. Eps 1

There's always something eery yet exciting about a hotel room. Its the loneliness and the alienated feeling, yet homey at the same time. And my favorite kind of hotel room is always this B type hotel. The kind of hotel that didn't serve any fancy breakfast, or 24 hour room service, nor any spa, gym or a poolside view. The kind of hotel that usually gave you broken air conditioner or damp sheet, watermarks on the ceiling, some stains on the carpet, some scribbles on the wall.. perhaps phone numbers, addresses, or just names or words that once priceless.
Or sometimes..its just the aroma of history about sin and shifting..

Grand Taufiq Hotel, Tarakan
East Borneo, Indonesia.  March 14th 2012

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